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Genre: High fantasy, queer literature, poetry

In this short, experimental, dark high fantasy adventure, a grumpy middle-aged mage is asked by an old friend to take on an Impossible Task for her: finding a cure for her son's curse when all else have given up. Aiding Devyn on zir quest to cure Lio of his horrifying curse that he acquired by stealing a lindworm's treasure, is the teenager himself, a family of werewolves, and a mysterious demonic lantern forever bound to zir soul. But as the clock waxes and wanes and Lio's curse worsens, so do the dangers lurking in the shadows for them. And all of them human.

Upcoming Books


Genre: Environmental writing, speculative fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry

WISCONSIN, THE WILDERNESS, AND THE ANTHROPOCENE: THE EXISTENTIALIST DREAD OF A GEN Z’ER is an experimental environmental writing anthology centered around the complicated feelings of existentialist dread that I, a Gen Z’er, experience in the wake of climate change. In this anthology, I utilize three genres for maximum narrative effect: 1.) creative non-fiction, for anchoring my feelings and personal experiences with nature, the wilderness, and the Anthropocene in real life events, 2.) speculative fiction, for extrapolating my existentialist dread outward into the near and far future and exploring complicated ideas best told through speculation, and 3.) poetry, for the thoughts and feelings that don’t fit into a prose narrative. And though the book is filled with dread and dismay for the future that sees climate change as an inevitable death, there is still a glimmer of hope that we still have a chance to make things better. Andn that even if there was no hope to be had at all, fighting for a better future would still be a meaningful war to wage because existence is inherently valuable and worth fighting for.

PARALLEL JOURNEYS (Book #1 of THE AARDRE SAGA) (Unknown release timeframe)

Genre: High fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, queer literature, hopepunk

Jaqqiq is a Yerazian man from the mountains, conscripted and pulled from his home and the only life he’s ever known to fight in a war that isn’t his. He leaves behind a dying brother and a heartbroken community, who know that the triannual draft lottery is nothing but a death sentence for their young folks. He goes through basic training, where he deals with giant fae, the terrible combination of his illiteracy and dyslexia, prejudice, and the moralities of war. He works hard to secure himself one of the safer positions in the military, and he gets exactly what he wanted—but why does he feel so guilty? Jaqqiq got what he wanted, and he finds himself unhappy with his choices, and he’s forced to grapple with his true feelings about his place in the war that isn’t his.

Ashspell is a Ryconan woman from the well-fortified city of Usÿndon, who had her life planned for her since birth until her family perished in a fire that left her orphaned, to be cared for by her future in-laws. She loves her best friends dearly, the family that she made for herself, which include: a red-eyed mage who acts as everyone’s older brother, a charming lockpick from Yerazia, her fiancé since childhood, and her college study-buddy, Torfié. All she wants is to be able to go on adventures with her best friends, to spend her years with them, to be free, but she knows this a dream she cannot have as the weight of societal expectations, her family’s legacy, and Torfié’s untimely murder make these dreams an impossibility far out of reach for her. In light of her best friend’s death, she takes it upon herself to uncover the truth, but her actions have far-reaching consequences for her, and she’s forced to deal with her own suppressed feelings in an inescapable hellscape.

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