Pokemon Biology IRL the Tabletop

What is Pokemon Biology IRL the Tabletop?

I’m Professor Redwood, creator of the Pokémon Biology IRL the Tabletop world!

Pokémon Biology IRL the Tabletop (PBIRLTTRPG) is a one-author fanmade project with the goal of creating a free tabletop book on the premise of “what would it be like if Pokémon existed in the real world?” and applying biology, ecology, fun worldbuilding, magic, and of course, perhaps a little bit of cartoon logic.

My plan of attack for tackling the mountain of lore that I have to create for the book, is that there will be many volumes, each tackling different types of information. As it currently stands, there are over 1000 Pokémon, and every single one of them gets their own entry in either the bestiary or mythology section. There are also regional forms, and Ultra Beasts and Paradox Pokémon, Mega Evolutions and Dynamaxing, as well as gods, eldritch beings, and demigods, all of which need to be accounted for and at least receive a place in optional content, if not become part of the core world.

My inspiration ultimately comes from all of the Pokémon media that I have consumed in my lifetime, including many of the spin-off titles! I like to incorporate as much canon lore as feasibly possible within the constraints of the premise and reasonable world-building. For example, there are some Pokémon that are canonically extremely light despite their size (such as Venusaur), or their canon height/weight descriptions are vague enough to have multiple interpretations (Falinks), or that Spoinks die when they stop bouncing, or the fact that many fire-types (such as Ponyta and Charmander) have flames as part of their bodies—these are some such matters that I apply a creative license toward, to balance the desire to incorporate canon material and the need for a fun and whimsical (but logical) world to play in.

For weekly-ish updates on the Bestiary, which I expect to be people’s favorite section, follow me on Tumblr @ PokemonBiologyIRLtheTabletop

Planned Volumes/Segments

  • Da Rulez
  • Mythology, The World, & Legendary Artifacts
  • Bestiary Volume I (Gen 1 & Associates)
  • Bestiary Volume II (Gen 2-3 & Associates)
  • Bestiary Volume III (Gen 4-5 & Associates)
  • Bestiary Volume IV (Gen 6-8 & Associates)
  • Bestiary Volume V (Gen 9-current & Associates)
  • Bestiary: They Came From Outerspace and the Ultra Beyond!
  • Bestiary: Past Pokemon
  • Bestiary: Future Pokemon

This project is entirely free. I support and encourage other creatives to utilize the world I’ve created in this project in their own works and campaigns, with the plea that you please credit my project.

If you want to support me or this project, please consider either purchasing one of my books or donating to my ko-fi.