My Projects

The Aardre Saga

Genre: High fantasy, dark fantasy, epic fantasy, queer literature, hopepunk, romance

The world of Aardre is plagued by the 70-Year-War, a world war for the ages. Multiple generations have been born and died in a world at war, and six characters (Jaqqiq, Ashspell, C├ęsar, Ballio, Nova, Kiviach) come together to save their world from an existential threat far greater than the war that permeates their lives. Its a world of magic, fae, and an ancient history of combining magic and science to create feats otherwise unobtainable to humanity. Our six protagonists must learn to overcome giant scorpions, demigods, asassinations, their colonizers, and fight against the human trafficking ring that sits at the border between the war and an insidious plot to put humanity in its place. And discover that when all else fails, love is the most powerful magic of all.

Pokemon Biology IRL the Tabletop (free access)

Genre: Tabletop RPG Bestiary and Manual

A fan project. It takes the premise of "what would it be like if Pokemon existed in our real world?" and extrapolates from there. It's tons of fun, and it's entirely free access! This is an incredibly time-consuming and tedious project, and it will not be "completed" anytime in the near future. For weekly updates, follow me at PokemonbiologyIRLthetabletop on Tumblr!

For more information, click on "Professor Redwood" in the link bar above!

The Odyssey of Tiger Ellsworth

Genre: Urban fantasy, dark fantasy, historical fiction, epic fantasy

Children are made of magic, and they spill magic from their very essence as they play, laugh, fight, and interact with the world around them. Love allows them to accidentally enchant beloved pets and inanimate objects that have captured their heart, transforming them into beings called Guardians, who exist to defend their child from danger, especially the Night Mares that plague humanity in the astral plane. No one seems to know why only a fraction of children retain their magic into adulthood and become mages, or stranger still, why these eldritch horrors called Strange Monsters prop up from time to time and wreck havoc upon the world.

But one day, in the depths of the Idaho wilderness in the late 1920s, a young girl named Molly Ellsworth enchants her favorite toy, an orange cat plush with a christmas scarf named Tiger. Tiger adores her child. She would do anything to protect her, but the thing that she couldn't do was protect Molly from her own parents. Heartbroken, destitute, and suddenly fully mortal without her child, Tiger decides to leave the only home she's ever known forever and search for answers to the single question burning in her head: Why?

This quest for answers becomes a decades-long odyssey for a little lost toy with a broken heart as she travels the world for anything that'll help her to understand why her Molly had to die, and maybe, just maybe, help prevent other children from suffering the safe fate as Molly had.

The Fox and the Witch's Familiar

Genre: High fantasy, adventure, queer literature, WLW romance

Emilie McGuffee gets lost in a blizzard on what was supposed to be a pleasant camping adventure in the borderwoods. In the throes of chaos and pandemonium, Emilie's life is saved by a witch's familiar... by turning her into a fox! Jasmine the Familiar has no idea how to give Emilie the power to change back, so with her witch's blessings, Emilie and Jasmine go on a quest together to give Emilie her humanity back.

The Werewolves of Sam-Mart

Genre: Urban fantasy, queer literature, comedy

Comedy about the most mundane vampires and werewolves who work nightshift at a big blue boxchain retail supercenter. Shenanigans ensue.

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